New Leadership Foundation: Different by Design Delivering C-Suite: Skills, Strategies & Networks to Lead in the 2020s


Welcome to the home of MasterMindSet

A New Learning Foundation For Leadership: Different by Design Delivering C-Suite Executives the Skills, Strategies & Networks to Lead in the 2020s and Beyond.

Led by International Best Selling Authors, Speakers & World Renowned Authorities & Advisors in Business & Leadership Kim-Adele, John Lawson and Nat Schooler.

Delivered by World-Class Faculty of Business Leaders, Psychologists and Behavioural Economists who are Champions of Lifelong Learning.

Tried and Tested Classical & Bespoke Methodologies & Frameworks Learned, Created & Implemented over 3 Decades with Proven Results.


Our mission is to help millions of people to design their lives providing them with the knowledge they need to create positive change in their lives.

MasterMindSet is a leading provider of leadership and workforce development solutions for executives, managers, professionals, employees and organizations.

We offer training, consultations, and coaching programs that empower individuals to lead with kindness humanity and courage, not just for themselves but also for those around them.

We believe that by giving people the tools necessary for success they will be able to contribute more meaningfully both professionally and personally while leaving a legacy that matters.

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